Travelling while on the Cohen Lifestyle

When TRAVELLING, it is best to:

a.  Bring pre-cooked, frozen, Cohen meals.

Eat before boarding the plane, bring pre-cooked food for the entire duration of the trip (8 days in Boracay!) or pack as much as you can bring (to include crackers which could be hard to find in an unfamiliar place).

b.  Bring your “Cohen Travel Kit” 

This includes: Digital Travelling Food Scale, Pam or other cooking oil spray, crackers and laminated recipes for Meals 1, 2 and 3 or a computer print out of the food ingredients and.  You may also want to bring your own salt or Pan Salt (optional).

In case something happens to your cooked food or you have an opportunity to cook or even if you have restaurants who can cook for you (they may not use cooking spray), this “Cohen Travel Kit” could be handy.

Bring your travelling food scale with you all the time, when you go out to dinner meetings or when you weigh the vegetables from the buffet table.

You can also bring an electric small steamer and a Handy electric griller. Continue reading