Vote For Vigan

The New7Wonders Cities campaign now enters its penultimate voting stage, which will run starting today until the 7th of October, when the list of 21 will be reduced to 14. The 7 Official New7Wonders Cities will be revealed on the 7th of December 2014.

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Vigan for New7Wonders Cities

The clock is ticking. On Monday, the 21 cities that have made it to the next Finalist phase of the New7Wonders Cities campaign will be revealed.At 7:07am GMT (3:07PM Philippines Standard Time) on Monday, 7 July (the 7th month), voting will temporarily pause as the data is collected to see which of the 28 cities have made it into the next Finalist phase of the New7Wonders Cities campaign. At 7:07pm GMT (3:07AM Philippine Standard Time-Tuesday), the successful 21 cities will be announced. And all this on the 7th anniversary of the Official Declaration of the man-made New7Wonders of the World — the first global vote from New7Wonders — which historically took place on 7/7/07

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