Will My Candidate Win?

How sure are you that your presidential bet will win?

In just a couple of months we will have a new Philippine president. A new leader of this nation that we hope will lead our country to economic stability, sovereign security and bring solutions to many of the pressing issues that our country is currently facing.

For sure many of us already have our own bet and very much decided on going all the way in supporting this candidate. But how sure are you that your chosen presidential candidate will win? And the reasons are clear why this candidate will fail….

Indecisiveness.This candidate is now in the books of political history in the country, being one of the mayors who have served the longest- 22 years with 7 terms. For decades this mayor has projected a strong leadership image but the sad part is he also went dilly-dallying when it comes to his decisions. He is the reluctant presidential candidate- one day he decided to run for office then the next day he announced that he will not run. Just think about this type of frame of mind, since being a leader of this country requires strong conviction, decisiveness and firmness. Filipinos should never trust someone who does not even trust himself in making his own decisions.

Putting the law into his hands. Who among the presidential candidate has a death squad? This ‘macho’ 70-year old presidential candidate even brags about the way he handles criminality in his turf. He even said that if he has to kill someone he will do it. Such a contradictory character from a lawyer who eyes the presidential seat and mindless about the judiciary system, with this ‘badass’ attitude how can we entrust our country to him.

No Plan of Action- He doesn’t seem to show any plan of action or platform. He is just winging it or going with the flow. No concrete plan of action on how to fix the traffic,MRT or LRT issue. Worse maybe he’ll just ask Abaya to stay in DOTC.

A self-confessed leftist and a soon to be dictator.Who among the millions of Filipinos would want a president that supports rebellion (leftist movement) and plans of having an oligarchy type of government once elected as the top leader of the land? In a recent interview, he admits by saying ““It’s going to be a dictatorship,” and this is the best solution he has in mind to stop corruption in the government and to control criminality. Majority of Pinoys are not ready for this type of governance, not now or perhaps never again.



The Type of President We Need


It’s always more fun in the Philippines during a major election especially when the Filipino people are ask to vote for the person who will lead this country into even greater heights or not. This 2016 election is as controversial as the past major election in this country. The mudslinging, character assasination or scandal exposes that has dominated the political rally and debates has shown the true characters of each preseidentiables. Continue reading


Royal Treatment Fans Day

One of the today’s brightest stars came from humble beginnings, from a teenage girl who dreamt of being a celebrity, finally blossomed into one of the brightest stars in the industry of showbiz. Kim Chiu has proven that a simple girl from Cebu can achieve superstar status. It’s almost too easy for her to captivate anyone with her style of acting and her bubbly personality and thanks for her wide support of her fans, she is now dubbed as the Chinita Princess.

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How MRT Disruptions/Train Wrecks Affect Roxas’ Presidential Candidacy?

If poll surveys are to be used as a gauge to determine the next president of the Philippines, Roxas will be in fourth place. Especially, in Metro-Manila where people are blaming him for the MRT fiasco and the chronic traffic congestion.

Prior to becoming the Secretary of DILG Roxas was the Secretary of DOTC where he could have solved these adverse situations before reaching its present chaotic condition. Finger pointing will do no good as the buck stops with Roxas as the top honcho of the DOTC while the problem was building up.

The public rail system has deteriorated to a point that a commuter has to deal with the daily ordeal of using it.

MRT 3 had encountered and continually encounters numerous problems. Recently, the mass transport system was running with all doors open exposing people to harm’s way. There are unscheduled breakdowns where people have to walk long distances to reach the drop-off station. During a typhoon last December 2015, one of the stations submerged in water eliminating the MRT as a means of transportation for famished, tired, and exasperated Pilipinos. We should not forget August 2014 where a MRT3 train went past its barrier at the terminal’s Taft station. There were several people injured and causing a post to fall over a car.

Let us take a peek at how this mess came to its fruition. Since MRT3 started its operation, the Japanese firm Sumitomo was maintaining the system for 10 years. The operation was so smooth that Sumitomo used it as a sales pitch to attract other clients from around the globe.

After the contract with Sumitomo expired, an obscure PH Trams-CB&T was designated as the next maintenance contractor under the Roxas era and the rest a tragic history.

This is only a piece of the puzzle, let us not forget his mishandling of the incident at Leyte as DILG Secretary. 

If I were to look at Roxas’ performance, his ineptness to handle responsibility leaves a trail of mess that Pilipinos trip over. 

In this coming election let us think before we vote. Aquino perked up the economy, the next president should build on this to catapult the Philippines to an economic phenomenon to improve the lives of every Pilipino.





Top 5 Reasons My Presidential Bet Will Win the Political Race

In a few months the presidential race of the Philippine elections 2016 will come to an end and will culminate in the actual expression of our right to vote in the name of democracy. This 2016 election is one of the most colorful and controversial in terms of the choices for presidentiables.

On the menu we have the feisty Sen. Merriam Defensor, the “astig” Davao politician Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the current VP Jejomar Binay, the foundling Sen. Grace Poe and the PiNoy endorsed candidate Mar Roxas. Among these five contenders I have a heart for someone special which is Grace Poe. People are quick to say she has no experience and she doesn’t deserve the job. I think she is very qualified to the next President because she doesn’t have the baggage that comes with a Traditional Politician.

These are the reasons why my presidential bet will win:

1. Voting for my president, I will consider proven leadership as a top requirement. My presidential bet has proven this time and time again.She has set the bar high when it comes to how a politician though a neophyte should act. She has implemented laws and she is not afraid to stand up for her rights and is not scared to do what is right.

2. My presidential bet will win since he exhibited profound dedication. She will allot money for the improvement when it comes to infrastructure and traffic and knows how to appoint decent people in the DOTC. In spite of the hardships she encountered serving the country under PNOY’s administration; she did not falter and went on with her job as a senator. Doing what needs to be done and dodges the bullets thrown against her with finesse and grace/

3. My bet will surely win since she has developed genuine connection with the people she is serving. Yes she was born privileged she is a good example the saying that  you need to be born poor to understand under what the underpriveleged is feeling  is a myth. She is  able to develop a genuine connection to the majority of the constituents who voted for her and she is sensitive to their basic needs.

4. Another quality that will take my presidential bet to Malacanang is her maturity and strength. A good leader like her challenges. With her  maturity comes valuable experience and strength.

5. And lastly, my presidential bet will win because she has diplomatic expertise making her highly commendable in representing our country. She commands respect and leadership which are valuable qualities for diplomatic relationships.



Dwell at Eastborough Place

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into a stress-free home. DATEM HOMES @ Eastborough Place is a well-planned community with a panoramic view overlooking Metro Manila, Laguna, and Rizal. It’s just a few minutes away from the city. You’ll enjoy the cool climate. And, you don’t have to worry about floods either.    


From Eastborough Place, Antipolo, Cainta, Angono, Taytay are easily accessible. You can easily get to places such as Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan, Makati, Manila, and Pasig. In fact, you can see the Metro Manila skyline from the site.


Eastborough Place favors the modern minimalist architecture. It is a gated community with a secure perimeter fence. The main roads are 15m to 20m wide while the secondary roads are 10m wide. Aside from that, you’ll also have access to:

Clubhouse – the clubhouse features a multi-purpose hall, a bar lounge, a lobby lounge, and a water feature.

Swimming pool

Basketball court

Tennis court

Children’s playground


Pocket garden

Outside dining


Walking, jogging, and bike path

Lush landscaping

24-hour security

Internet and cable system


You can choose from their various models. There’s a model that will suit your needs and budget.

Surprisingly Affordable
You’d expect premium price for homes such as these but because the builder uses advanced construction technology, these homes are surprisingly affordable. You can purchase thru PAG-IBIG (Home Development Mutual Fund) or bank financing.
The terms are flexible too. You can choose between 5 to 30 year terms. The payments could be as little as P14,758/month.

Why choose Eastborough Place?

1. The developer, DATEM Inc., has credibility because it finishes wide range of clients allowed the firm to develop projects.


2. TOP developers like Greenfield District, Ayala Land Premier, Rockwell Land and Shangri-la trusted DATEM as their GENERAL CONTRACTOR.

3. DATEM Construction is accredited as TRIPLE A CONSTRUCTION Company in Philippines. Listed as the BEST of the BEST in Construction Technology.  


You can schedule a free, no-obligation visit to the site. Just call Jeanne Buenaventura at 09289724276 and 09173372714




EaStar Wars, the Eggs Invasion at Century Park Hotel


A galactic Easter escapade is on our way! Join the alliance of Century Park Hotel’s bravest heroes and heroines to restore peace to the galaxy. Celebrate a fun-filled day with your family and friends on March 27, 2016 from 9 am to 1 pm at the Grand Ballroom as Century Park Hotel turns your Easter moment into a one of a kind adventure.
Wander in a land full of egg-citing activities. Play games with our party host, join the coloring contest and get a chance to win loads of amazing prizes and bountiful raffle items from our generous sponsors – Asia Brewery, Trolli Fruit Cake, Galinco Chips Delight, Creamy Delight Yoghurt, Enchanted Kingdom, Farmhouse, Fun Ranch, Giggle Photo Booth, Hapee Toothpaste, HBW, Lemon Square Lava Cake, Deka by Linkage Food Venture, Leslie’s, Universal Robina Corporation, Manila Ocean Park, Miramar Confectionery, Oishi, Star City, Vitamilk, Yakult, Manila Bulletin, Celine, Precious Moments and Krispy Kreme. 
Kids and kids-at-heart will surely enjoy other exciting activities like face painting, bubble show, eggs painting and mascot dance. An enchanting magic show is also in the offing not just for kids but also for the whole family, who will finish the day bringing home a bag of give-aways from our participating sponsors and an event souvenir photo after taking pleasure in the most anticipated egg-hunting activity. 

“EaStar Wars, the Eggs Invasion at Century Park Hotel”

Entrance to the “EaStar Wars, the Eggs Invasion at Century Park Hotel” is reasonably priced at P 800 per person. The ticket entitles you to a 20% buffet discount at the Café in the Park when dining on the same day. Registration period starts at 8:30 am, before kicking off four solid hours of non-stop fun activities at the hotel’s ballroom.  
A complimentary ticket for one adult and one kid is inclusive in our special Easter Room Package available from March 1 to 27, 2016.
 So, this Lenten season, take some days off and take the whole family for a much-needed rest and recreation and take advantage of our special room rate of P 5,000 per room per night and P 6,000 per room per night in our superior and deluxe room, respectively. The package also includes buffet breakfast for two at the Café in the Park, welcome drink upon arrival, complimentary access to the fitness center and free use of the temperature-controlled swimming pool. The special offer cannot be combined with other discounts, packages, Senior Citizen’s discount and Century Park Elite card.

For your inquiries or reservations, please contact 528-5814 to 16 (room reservation) or 528-5907 (restaurant reservation). You may also email us at information@centurypark.com.ph. 
The Century Park Hotel is owned and managed by Maranaw Hotels & Resort Corporation.


Road Sharing

We need to raise awareness and to open the minds of people and to change they way they think about transportation from a car centric mentality to shift towards more sustainable means of transportation such as walking, biking and an efficient mass transportation system and let them feel how it will be like.

Road sharing only benefits bad traffic managers because it dolesn’t force them to plan for new infra or transport specific routes but instead allows them to hide behind the word sharing. On the other hand critics of the road sharing schemes are says that this is not going to solve all your mobility problems and it’s silly to believe that it will. But the principle of reducing road capacity available to private cars is sound, no matter what the Top Gear crowd says. Take a look at Seoul. They’ve achieved outstanding mobility since 2003 (when it was in some ways as bad as Manila), and among the things they’ve done is demolish 15 elevated expressways. Road sharing (reducing the effective lanes available to private vehicles) does the same thing if you’re not extreme enough to actually remove them

We should require establishments that need parking spots to ensure those parking spots are big enough for modern cars / SUVs without those cars blocking the entire sidewalk and protruding into the street. When you add this to vendors, utility poles, trees, and walls that extend all the way to the street, Manila is a pedestrian’s nightmare. Mayors should conduct walkability tests. Where I live, you can’t walk more than 10 yards without having to step into the street. 
Another thing I observed along EDSA is that SM Properties are expanding but their expansion includes making part of EDSA as PARKING LOTS. Best examples are in SM North Edsa and SM Megamall. Moreover, alternative routes were also closed.The traffic flow system now reminds me of a scenario trying to flush all the rubbish in a single toilet bowl.

Demand Roads for cars. Demand Separate Bike lanes for bikes. Demand Sidewalks for people.
Sharing is good right? So road sharing must be good.


Toshiba Unveils Canvio® Connect II Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba Unveils Canvio® Connect II Portable Hard Drive
New USB Portable Hard Drive Features Expanded High Capacity, Iconic Design, and Vibrant Color Options

Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd recently announced the launch of Canvio® Connect II Portable Hard Drive, a device that takes portable storage to the next level. Available with up to 3TB of storage capacityi, remote access capabilities, cloud backup and the ability to share and stream content, the Toshiba Canvio® Connect II is an all-in-one portable storage solution.

 Recognising the importance of data mobility on today’s age, the hard drive is coupled with Pogoplug® PC Software. Users can leave Canvio® Connect II at home, and still have access to stream files on hard drive via iOS/android app from smartphone – as long as the hard drive is connected to an internet-enabled PC. Using this connection, users can also upload files from smartphone to hard drive.

 “Digital content creation has grown exponentially. The Canvio® Connect II was created with this understanding in mind,” said Ms Wong Wai Meng, senior manager of Toshiba Singapore. “With expanded storage capacity, sleek design and five vibrant color options, the Canvio® Connect II takes portable hard drive storage to a new level.”
Canvio® Connect II also comes bundled with free 10GB cloud storage. Users can simply download or upload files using a web browser or app on smartphone. Sharing of large files on cloud storage is also made easy as users can easily select the files visible to recipient, via a web link.Not forgetting the hard drive’s core function on backing up of files, Canvio® Connect II has the ability to clone a PC’s OS, applications and settings, and users can choose to recover a file, folder or restore a laptop from PC crash with NTI® Backup Now EZ™. The preloaded NTI® Backup Now EZ™ software also makes scheduling and securing backups with user-defined password possible.

Toshiba’s Canvio® Connect II is pre-formatted with NTFS for Windows PC and comes with a NTFS driver for Mac. This allows users to store and access files from their PC and Mac without reformatting. The hard drive includes three-year limited local warranty.
Formatted NTFS for Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
OS ? 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.6-10.6.8 with included NTFS driver for Mac.
Install “Tuxera NTFS for Mac”, user can read and write data both Windows® PC and Mac. But in this case, user cannot use the Time Machine function of Mac OS X. Hard drive must be re-formatted to HFS+ file system for Time Machine compatibility.
Available USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Port

Product Dimensions: