Where is Taal Volcano ?

I resisted for so long to post this but I am kinda getting tired & embarrassed of “Manilenos” pointing to “Binintiang Malaki” & telling foreign tourists that that’s the Volcano…. NO NO NO that is not Taal Volcano, the Volcano is on Volcano Island, over & behind the hill. Take the time & take a boat across the lake, get to the island, trek by horse or hike up the hill & see the live Taal Volcano. BTW, don’t get too close specially when it is spewing sulfur, no it is not good for the skin ( it is not Sulfur that is used to make soap… it is Sulfur Dioxide) & deadly for your lungs! 


This the aerial view of Taal Volcano note Binintiang Malaki at top right (2 o clock) Binintiang Malaki is just one of the 47 cones and craters of Taal Volcano. It is undoubtedly the prettiest, most photographed, most painted and most volcano-looking part of Taal Volcano Island & many think it is Taal Volcano.


Beyond Mt. Maculot is actually Mindoro and the the Ridge is actually the main Caldera.Taal Volcano is an island within a lake, on an island within a lake, on an island ! & lies between 2 fault lines…. scary huh !

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