Abaya, DOTC, Corruption All 1 Sentence?

Where did the money for repairs of the MRT-3 go? This is the question we should all ask, people, following the latest MRT-3 interruption of operations. Worst, as inquirer.net reported, the passengers were Aside from that, he said passengers were made to wait clueless and in near suffocation for about 40 minutes before finally deciding  on their own to get of the train and walk on the tracks to Santolan, despite the risks due to the darkness

Another facet’s the riding public along EDSA through designated and scheduled buses to augment the volume of commuters each hour. This should be managed and monitored by an expert leader just for this purpose. Likewise, the new MRT3 should be new and improved that could accommodate the volume of the riding. As much as possible, the planned MRT3 extension must be carried out after the renovation.

It’s been, more or less, two months since MRT 3 fares were raised by more than 50 percent supposedly for repairs and rehabilitation of the train line and other matters. The estimated revenues from the increase was as much as P2 billion. Since then, except for replacement of railroad tracks for the past several Sundays, MRT-3 passengers and the public in general, Have never heard anything as to where the money is going, or is being spent. I’m not an engineer but i’ will dare say that the tracks alone will not cost 2 billion.

MRT3 bidding failed in getting participants for maintenance provider which it needed in running the MRT3 rail system. The outcome can never be quantified for sure because there was another scheduled bid as per DOTC announcement but never materialized.some bidders complained about the strict requirements of DOTC which was impossible to attain. Others find the bidding as a ploy of DOTC Secretary so that no bidders will truthfully abide by it that Global-APT (Global Epcom and Autre Porte Technique) continues as the maintenance provider. What really amazed them was that, the people behind this APT-Global are members of Liberal Party.

It’s sad to know that Corruption in DOTC is prioritized over public service and safety of millions.

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