Places You Must Visit in Bohol

Before I start of Places that you must visit let me just say Thank Thank you to Air Asia for our safe trip to Bohol.As you know, I love flying and trying out various airlines.It was not my first time to fly with Air Asia and honestly it felt like the first time all over again, I was impressed with the whole experience! The seats were of great condition, the plane itself looked very sharp and shiny. The staff was very warm and even their audio system was so good that I actually understood the flight instructions perfectly! IMPRESSIVE!

If you are staying in Bohol for the weekend (From Friday to Sunday) and you are not a first timer. Here are some places that you can revisit that will make you fall in love with Bohol all over again.

1. Chocolate Hills-It is the farthest so I suggest that you try and visit that first.The world-renowned cone-shaped Chocolate Hills is Nature’s expression of beauty, mystery and romance. Spread over the municipalities of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan, the Chocolate Hills is the province’s signature attraction. It consists of approximately 1,268 hay cock hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters.


Formed centuries ago by tidal movements, the hills are considered as a National Geologic Movement. During the summers, the dome-shaped grass covered limestone hills dry up and turn brown, transforming the area into seemingly endless rows of chocolate “kisses”
Two of the highest hills have been developed and provided with facilities such as a restaurant, hostel and view deck.

SAM_1960 SAM_1955

Legend has it that when giants live with mortals, a gentle giant fell in love with a beautiful village girl. Agoro , the giant was handsome and though a favorite among female giants, was also a loner. When everything and everybody sleeps, Arogo would sit by his favorite spot near the river to ponder or just watch the night pass by. One night while Arogo was by his spot, he noticed a beautiful native girl with hair as black as the night by the river bank. He instantly fell in love with Aluya. After that night. Arogo would always wait by his place to take a glimpse at his beloved Aluya.A rumor reached Arogo that Aluya would soon marry a man her parents chose for her.




The night before Aluya’s wedding, Agoro kidnapped Aluya. Seeing a giant, Aluya screamed, kicked and cried, but to no avail. Arogo was successful in abducting Aluya.In the giant’s cave, Arogo tried to give Aluya food and water but the girl kept on crying. Her sadness reached her heart that she died with tears in her eyes. Arogo buried her and kept his vigil. He cried for days and months. Giant tears fell to the ground. He cried a thousand years for the loss of his love.After sometime, Arogo’s tears hardened and became what we know today as Chocolate hills. The Hills were witnesses of an unrequited love of the years go by. Chocolate Hills dot the plains of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. There are at least 1,776 uniform hills that leave visitors no wonder how they came to be.One could view and even count the hills its 210 feet above the ground view deck, Climbing the 214 steps of the view deck to the top is rewarding exercise.Chocolate Hills is also cited as a Geological Movement of the country and is also known as the Eight Wonder of the World.

2. Firefly Tour in Abatan-Visit Bohol with a twist and make a side trip to the northern part of the province, the town of Maribojoc.


Experience a memorable encounter with winged beetles, commonly called Fireflies or Lightning Bugs (scientific name: Photuris Lucicrescens) along the Maribojoc area of the Abatan River. On the other hand, it was also nice to join a firefly tour when you’re in Bohol. At Abatan River Cortes town, you’ll be able to marvel at the sight of thousands of fireflies enveloping their host trees while riding a motorized sampan.

Go on a Night Tour and you will be amazed watching countless clusters of Fireflies along the mangrove areas and inside the century-old Postan Forest. As you may already know, taking pictures or videos of fireflies is no easy job. No one in our group got to take a decent photo. But the experience was worth a thousand pictures combined. It was really wonderful to see how blessed Philippines is! I think couples will find it romantic too!

3, Shell Gas Station-Road trips are fun and exciting until you get stuck driving along the highway with a full bladder. In this case, a sight of a gas station and its promise of a comfort room–whatever it looks like–is like an oasis to those who have been on the road for hours.

This Gas Station Toilet Puts All Public Toilets to Shame

 But, a toilet at a gas station in Tagbilaran, Bohol goes beyond public expectations. Not only does it give comfort to those stopping over, it also provides them a taste of luxury.

Filipino-Canadian model Jason Godfrey shared a video on his Facebook page about an extraordinary toilet in a Shell gas station in Tagbilaran, Bohol. So naturally we had to visit this place.SAM_2005 SAM_2000 SAM_1999 SAM_1998 SAM_1995 SAM_1990 SAM_1989 SAM_1988
 4. Man Made Forest The Bohol Man-Made is a mahogany forest stretching in a 2km stretch of densely planted with Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Before and after you reach the man-made forest there are also naturally grown forests of Loboc and Bilar which has a thick kaleidoscope of green foliage, different kinds of trees and giant ferns lining the road.
SAM_1966 SAM_1965

Bilar man-made forest was part of a bigger reforestation project that was created in response to the alarming deforestation in the Loboc watershed. This was caused by the destructive slash and burn farming system called kaingin, which was done by the locals who sought refuge in the forested area during World War II.

SAM_1967The reforestation plan started during the administration of Governor Conrado Marapao in 1947, which was continued in succeeding administrations. The plan became the Loboc Watershed Reforestation Project (LWRP), which was launched in December 1953 consisting 19,410 hectares of land in the towns of Lila, Loboc, Sevilla, Batuan, Carmen, Sagbayan, Catigbian, Balilihan, Sierra Bullones, Valencia, Garcia-Hernandez, Jagna and Bilar.


Later, LWRP was divided and the other half became the Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape (previously Rajah Sikatuna National Park). Both protected areas are managed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The Bilar man-made forest was a successful part of LWRP due to government employees, laborers, students, scouts, pupils and socio-civic volunteers who came in droves from 1968 to late 1970’s to plant seedlings taken from the nursery in Logarita in barangay Riverside, Bilar.

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  1. I have never even heard of this place before. It looks very lovely though. I love nature, so this would probably be a nice place to visit.

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