Momo Beach House

Momo Beach House is what it purports itself to be: a simple and relaxed accommodation by the beach. The decor is spartan (but still proffers a beach vibe, of course) and the amenities are also what you’d consider basic (small pool, free kayak use, etc.).

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What sets this place apart is the personalized and professional service. I credit the manager Ms Carla for this; she sets a great example for the rest of her team.

.It’s the perfect spot for peace & quiet and relaxation with snorkeling , strolls on the beach , she’ll collecting, swimming in the sea or pool in a stylish secluded setting. If you feel like a day with more activity , you can visit their partner resort Amorita , at Alona beach, with a free shuttle, or book a tour of the island.

I love their lobby:

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The Visayas has more in store for you than the usual popular destination. Veer away from the more familiar path and find yourself a niche in Bohol’s famed Panglao Island. Take in the divine beauty of this paradise.


This is our home away from home. The Momo Beach House is a nature-inspired bed and breakfast that lets you experience how it is to be truly away from the nuisances of the big city.

Be inspired by green living; as you go about, take notice of re-purposed furniture pieces made from recycled wood and organic soaps and shampoos. Life here is delightfully slow yet very satisfying. The coziest guestrooms with walls decorated with Visayan riddles await those who dare to “disconnect”.

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Experience the beach that rivals the beauty of Boracay. Panglao Island boasts of an overwhelming stretch of white beach and crystal clear waters, Alona Beach being the most popular. This island is also known for its excellent diving sites; try out Balicasag Island for diving and snorkeling.

I think this concept and execution should be made available to the other islands in the Philippines. You can’t go wrong with a fun and relaxed resort with warm, impeccable service. Great value as well!

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