Our Tune Hotel Staycation

P8031403 Philbert and I were invited to stay in Tune Hotel and try out the facilities. Since we recently celebrated our 14th year anniversarry we thought of this our quick getaway. We were looking forward to this.We were given a choice as to where we will stay and we pickeed the newest hotel which was in Aseana City which was the newest member of the Tune Hotel Family. Upon entering the lobby I was welcomed by the warm smiles of the ladies in the front desk.Everytihing about this place is efficient and makes sense. It’s like if form and function is so applicable in this hotel. P8031406 Even if they’re still at their soft opening phase, service was excellent and the rooms were very good. Good and ample parking spaces with direct access from the hotel itself which was a plus in Philbert’s book. i also liked the added touch of putting computers in the lobby for the convenience of their guests. P8031397 The place works like clockwork. It has been open only for a few weeks now, but the staff and overall service was excellent, just like the other Tunes in Manila. The rooms are standard Tune rooms, very clean and great layout.  Here’s a quick tour of the room: P8031413  The bed looks and feels comfortable and I like the level of comfort of the bed not too soft and not too hard. The room was perfect for the two of us and the placement of the television was perfect not to high and not too low.


The bathroom was small but it was really clean.

  What we loved about Tune Hotel Aseana aside from their affordable rates is that they are conveniently located near NAIA, SMX Convention Center, SM Arena and Mall of Asia. Its location is very strategic especially for travelers who are on a connecting flight the following day or those who have business agenda in Pasay or Makati.I can’t wait to stay here again. I heard they are opening a Family Mart in the hotel so it will be a really good plus. We really had a great time despite some hiccups that were due to my lack of research. I figured that there would be a restaurant that we could eat in. Well the only place that was open on a Sunday was 7-11. I wanted to go Lydia’s lechon which was on the side of the street but I was scared to go to that area.  We will definitely had a great time and we will definitely stay in Tune Hotel again.

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  1. I never heard of this brand of hotels before. It looks clean and its nice to hear a good experience for once – many people seem to have had terrible hotel stays in other brands.

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