Barkada Road Trips Made Easy

Equip your ride for the long road ahead

Fill up the tank and kick off the summer with a well-deserved post-graduation getaway with the gang. But before you begin the road trip, give your ride a once-over to ensure a safe and trouble-free experience. Bosch, a global leader in automotive technology, shares five thrilling destinations outside the metro and some quick service pointers for the long road ahead.

If you’re looking to get quality service that your car deserves, head to the nearest Bosch Car Service workshop and get a professional vehicular assessment and tune-up. Bosch accredited service centers provide cross-brand engineering that includes personal repair and maintenance best for hours of travel.

Mt. Mariveles, Bataan
Trade textbooks for some hiking gear and walk up one of the country’s wonder peaks. Expect a strenuous climb at Mt. Mariveles’ challenging terrain. Enjoy a view of the Corregidor and Caballo Islands and marvel at nature’s beauty before following the track uphill. After the lengthy trek, take a brief stop at Papaya River, a breathtaking campsite two hours away from the bottom of the mountain. Mt. Mariveles’ steep and rocky landscape does not only guarantee a great encounter with Mother Nature but an action-packed bonding experience with the barkada as well.

The three-hour drive to the jump-off requires as much preparation as the heavy trek. Keep in mind that tire blowouts are a top cause of road accidents. So, make sure that your car’s wheels are fully pumped up, perfectly aligned, and balanced.

For wheel service with industry-leading facilities, drop by the nearest BCS workshop Midas Pampanga (Contact No: 045-9639309) and outfit your tires ready for the journey.

Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC)
Ride a board and hit the water for an adrenaline-filled trip. CWC brings an exciting lineup of activities and world-class facilities. Explore various water sports and turn your skills from amateur to pro with CWC’s friendly resident instructors and operators. Relax and gorge on Bicol’s finest cuisines at the park’s clubhouse after learning how to wakeboard or waterski. Take the rush up a notch and challenge your friends to a friendly match to cap off a day in the water.

Located in Southeast Luzon, a ten-hour trip to Camarines Sur will put your car battery to the test. Don’t wait for your vehicle’s power supply to die down in the middle of the road. Recharge or pick up a long-lasting Bosch battery to endure the winding roads to your destination.

Make a pit stop at Cubao before you head to Bicol and check out Bionicwheels Service Center (Contact No: 02-9124917) to for more car power.

Donsol, Sorsogon
If you are looking for an aquatic and eco-adventure, Donsol’s fine reefs are perfect for a stunning getaway. Swim with the Butandings (Whale Sharks) and catch a view of the rare types of marine life. Glide with the harmless Manta Rays in the deep ocean and complete the animal encounter by fishing and bird watching in local estuaries. A visit to this serene haven twelve hours away from Manila is definitely a sweet treat.

Peek under the hood and check your radiator’s condition. As the one of the most important parts of your car, be certain that the level of coolant and water mixture is well balanced. This will ensure that your vehicle’s cooling system does its job of preventing an overheating nightmare.

Stop by ARC Automotive Services in Makati (Contact No: 02-4786283) or Achievers Fuel and Service Center, Corp. in Parañaque (02-8254438) to make sure that your car’s temperature is ready to meet the summer’s extreme heat.

Anawangin Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales
Pack up for an outdoor sleepover with your best buddies in Anawangin Cove –a campsite that rests by the waters of Zambales. It is a paradise close to home that boasts of pine trees by the beach, spring water from the mountains, and a trekking course for adventurers. For a unique vacation not far from the city, Anawangin is a worthy stop for the outdoorsy barkada,

Double the fun by driving in comfort. Check your vehicle’s ventilation system to enjoy a cool and comfortable three-hour trip before jumping in the boat to Anawangin. Before you leave the city, consult your local Bosch expert on total car solution and how to improve your car’s exhaust and air conditioning.

Park for a quick inspection at Midas Pampanga (Contact No: 045-9639309).

La Paz Sand Dunes, Laoag City
Tired of the beach? Explore another way to enjoy the fine sands of Ilocos and surf the shores instead! Sandboarding is an exhilarating sport for the thrill-seekers at heart. Get those kneepads on and slide through the 85-kilometer sand dunes. It is best to choose the area that suits your skill level first for maximum safety and fun. Don’t forget to strike a pose like a natural born surfer!

Prior to the ten to eleven-hour trip to Laoag, assess your vehicle’s warning signals. To ensure clear communication with the other drivers on the road, fanfares and horns should be in shape for any road condition. Bosch’s high-performance acoustic signals, horns and fanfares, are easy to install and ideal for a safe ride ahead.

Honk at Northeast Car Care Center in Ilocos Sur (Contact No: 077 7224212), DBS Auto Care in Pangasinan (075-6960997), or Dan’s Car Audio and Accessories in Dagupan (075-5155651) for personal mechanical service.

Start the vacation right by boosting your car’s performance and security. Check out any of the Bosch Car Service workshops near you for automotive components and service that fit every graduate traveler’s need.

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