CAVDEAL ventures on environment-friendly path in land development



CAVDEAL was established in 1979. For over two decades, we have provided invaluable services in the highly technical field of roads and bridges construction. We have served various institutions such as the Department of Public Works and Highways. We constantly pursue the highest standard of workmanship to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and the public in cases of government projects. We have delivered various projects ahead of schedule adhering to the project specifications for the benefit of its owner and the public as a whole.


Construction experts Cavite Ideal International Construction And Development Corporation (CAVDEAL), known as long-time contractor of infrastructure development in the country, takes on the challenge of producing new landmarks, and goes into real estate development through their newest venture, LEED INC.

As developers, LEED INC., which was officially launched last year, will focus on three key projects: Tourism, commercial and real estate ventures.


Delving away from the usual projects, LEED INC., aims to become a niche player by providing green and environment-friendly solutions to their projects. “We want to be a niche player in the real estate industry, by providing projects that truly promotes a green and healthy lifestyle, and address as well other needs in both the commercial and tourism industry in the Philippines,” said Regie Dela Cruz, LEED Inc. project director.


Leader in green architecture

Among their planned developments, their real estate foray is expected to stand out and carry on their exceptional vision of providing healthy, green spaces for future homeowners.

Their first project, which will be officially launched by the fourth quarter of the year, will start carrying what is to be LEED Inc’s signature in green lifestyle: Dedicated spaces that promote and encourage residents to embrace conscientious, environment-friendly community.

Aside from strategic architecture, the most unique feature of their residential communities are bike facilities that will be made available for all future homeowners. Apart from the bike lanes, there will be permanent bike racks where lovers of the activity can park their equipment safely. There will also be recharging stations of e-bikes, further encouraging residents to take on the healthy activity and alternative mode of transportation across the ages.


Commercial and Tourism projects

LEED INC., sister companies have already produced various projects in commercial retail in key areas in Cavite.

New resorts and hotels are planned in key tourist destinations like  Boracay and Puerto Princesa, focusing also on environment and budget-friendly options for the discerning tourists.

This part of their plans was born out of CAVDEAL’s excellent record in construction business.


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