Lonely Planet: Photo Story

Lonely Planet Magazine PH will be introducing a new section to its upcoming issue: The Photo Story. It will feature a collection of photographs that are not only print-worthy but also storytelling, arranged around a narrative about a inspiring destination, preferably in the Philippines.

To get a chance to be part of this exciting new section, the following should be submitted:

• Five to six photos that tell a story about the destination assigned. All photos should be unified under one theme so that the story is clear to the reader. Photos can range from landscape, portraiture, food – anything that relates to travel.
• One paragraph that talks about the theme or the story being told in the photo essay. This paragraph will serve as the introduction.
• Each photo should have an accompanying caption that tells specifics about the subject and how it relates to the entire essay.

Send your entries to lonelyplanet@bellaluce.com.ph 🙂

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