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I remember our first visit to Orlando Florida when Joshwa was young.It was a family vacation that I could never forget. I wished we could do it again so that Adrianne and Sabine can come with us.

At that time we didn’t get a chance to use the internet to book our vacation such as the Orlandoescape.com. We stayed with our relatives for the first day and then we stayed at a local motel. We were 9 in a group so it was a bit expensive for us to stay in a Hotel.

I am so sure that the next time we visit Orlando we will be able to find great rates that will enable us to stay at The Orlando Convention Center Hotels

We went to Epcot Center and It was so expensive great thing my dad paid for the tickets. 

Joshwa wasn’t in a very great mood as he was Jetlagged. He was a trooper though and we all tried to make the most of it. After all how this is a rare chance to go to Florida.

The best part for me was to be able to see my sisters again. When this photo was taken I was away for 2 years. Reunited never felt so good!

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