Nature Republic is in the Philippines!

Nowadays spa, skin, beauty and healthcare product shops abound in the metropolis. In pursuit of the catch phrase we now know as “total wellness”, metrofolk, both men and women alike, are no longer hesitant to invest their hard-earned cash on products that promote outer, as well as inner beauty and health. As a result, new and upcoming players are continuously thriving and flourishing side-by-side with the international big name brands, promising superior quality, personalized customer experience, and cutting-edge technology in product development. But the question to be asked as always is that: “Big or small, can these companies deliver what they promise?”

Making its debut in this highly competitive arena is a relative newcomer in the Philippines, but a certified bona fide player in the international market, NATURE REPUBLIC. Born and bred in Korea, NATURE REPUBLIC is a new cosmetic brand utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and processes combined with the most natural ingredients gathered from all over the world to produce world-class, superior quality products distinctly and exclusively its own.


Consider some of its precious ingredients, as stated in their tagline, from earth: medicinal plants and healing flowers, seawater from around the world, used as prescriptions from ancient times based on natural concepts and as mother nature intended, processed and formulated through modern technology. Ingredients such as: Blue Lagoon water from Polynesia; Glacial Water from the Alps; Deep Sea Water from Greenland; Ocean Area Pine Tree from France; Hawaiian Hibiscus; Madagascar Butdelria; Morocco Monoi; gold Caviar; North American Kawai; and other similarly exotic and efficacious extracts and substances.

Riding at the crest of I-love-everything-Korean mania that has hit the country for quite some time, the NATURE REPUBLIC invasion is not only timely, but a major beneficial contributor to the skin care, beauty care and total wellness psyche in the country. Just recently opened this year at the Festival SuperMall in Alabang, the flagship outlet was quickly followed by shops in SM North Edsa, The Block and at Ground Level, Main Bldg, SM City Fairview. Because of the overwhelming response and reception by customers of all ages eager for its high-quality products, NATURE REPUBLIC is expected to open ten more branches by next year.

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