Firefly Christmas tree

As a season that’s overflowing with pyrotechnics, over-the-top lighting, moving displays and decorations, and power-consuming celebrations, Christmas has got to be one of the biggest carbon-emitting holidays of the year. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the spirit of the season that very few start considering its implications on the environment.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the world needs to cut its carbon emissions. But how exactly can you keep carbon emissions at a minimum without having to sacrifice the festive spirit of the season?

This is what Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation (FELCO) seeks to do. As part of the holiday festivities, Firefly Lighting lighted up its energy efficient Christmas tree for the fourth year at By the Bay, SM Mall of Asia with the aim to remind the public that celebrating the holidays can be done with greener, more sustainable lighting technologies.

The Most Energy-Efficient Christmas Tree in the Philippines

Dubbed as the most energy efficient Christmas tree in the Philippines, it was illuminated with more than 100,000 Firefly LED bulbs with the total energy consumption equivalent to two small window-type air-conditioners at two horse powers each. Shared Jhie Greenwood, FELCO Marketing Manager, “Firefly’s LED Christmas tree uses the latest lighting technology which is 5 times more energy efficient compared to the regular incandescent bulb.”

” A Firefly LED light bulb consumes around 24 pesos a month – an amount that’s 7 times less than what’s consumed by an incandescent bulb,” said Jhie. She added that LED can save up to Php150 per bulb a month.

Aside from LED being energy efficient, it is also suitable for “green” building projects because it contains no mercury components and is proven to withstand impact, vibrations and disruptions. Furthermore, Firefly LED has a longer lifetime of 30,000 hours (equivalent to 6.8 years of continuous use) compared to the 1,000 hours of the regular incandescent bulb.

Winter Wonderland: A Tree Lighting Concert

At the Winter Wonderland: A Tree Lighting Concert, guests enjoyed attractions such as the Inflatable Basketball, Balloon Darts, Snow Cones, Snow Blizzard Chamber, and the Snow Photo Booth. A Yuletide concert featuring The CompanY, the country’s renowned vocal ensemble; The Whiplash, one of the most sought after dance groups in Philippine entertainment today; and young theatre artist, Angia Lauren of Trumpets also performed live before the Christmas tree lighting.

By adopting Firefly LED Technology as a solution, FELCO hopes that the Filipino public will be aware that there are greener options available. “Firefly believes that LED is the light source for the future. We believe that using LED products will have a profound impact on energy-saving efforts and become a catalyst in our drive to save our planet for the next generation. With this in mind, we invite everyone to bring their family here at SM Mall of Asia to view this season’s Firefly eco-Christmas tree which will be showcased from today till January,” ended Greenwood.

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