Vistaland: Where Vista Residences Await You.

Vista Residences has always been motivated by a compelling pioneering spirit. It is a spirit that is matched by a sharp eye for opportunities in real estate.

In the beginning, when others saw odd-shaped lots as unusable, Vista Residences saw a thriving community where homes broke free of the day’s conventional designs. This became Camella Homes.

Today, that spirit thrives in each and every one of the Vista Residences companies. It is the innovative, world-inspired, world-class designs of Brittany’s properties; in the unique themes employed in Crown Asia’s middle-class developments; in the romantic series of homes by Camella; in the vertical, high rise condominiums of Polar Mines; and in how Communities Philippines brings Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella, and Polar to the country’s farthest regions.

Vista Residences’s subsidiary companies are the foremost names in their respective fields. Together, Brittany Corporation, Crown Asia, Camella Homes & Communities, and Communities Philippines make Vista Residences the leading and largest homebuilder in the Philippines, offering the full spectrum of horizontal residential projects across all income segments, across the country.

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