The Negros Trade Fair 2011

Association of Negros Producers (ANP) is born of an ironically sweet crisis, a historical landmark of great distress. The fateful fall of the sugar industry in the 1980?s where the world sugar prices plummeted and government took control of sugar trading crippled the economy of Negros in a major life-changing, lifestyle-denting and peace-shattering way. Instead of succumbing to the tragic fate of the monocrop industry that the whole community was dependent on, fifteen Negrense women summoned prayers and their natural entrepreneurial flair to organize the House of Negros Foundation. The foundation, then based in Manila where the women were, paved the way for the founding of a non-stock, non-profit and non-political organization composed of professionals, entrepreneurs and housewives.

The Association of Negros Producers,  contributed extensively in alleviating the plight of more than 150,000 displaced workers in an awful time that saw 84 percent of Negrenses living below the poverty line and 60 percent of their children languishing in malnutrition. Coming from seminars in Manila on starting a kitchen or backyard business with certain crafts and skills, the women shared their knowledge with wives of farm workers. The singular determination to create just one more job brought this stalwart association to where it is now, an established beacon of hope.

The 26th Negros Trade Fair of the Association of Negros Producers was held at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City on September 28 – October 2, 2011. The annual Negros Trade Fair is a much awaited event by buyers and exporters.  Negrense products such as fashion accessories, garments, furniture and furnishings, gifts and housewares and food  will be featured in the event. Manila based Negrenses also await this event in order to touch base with family and friends and to be updated on the latest in Negros Occidental.

This year’s trade fair is dubbed iNegros and will be featuring Natural and Organic Products as a new sector of the Association of Negros Producers. This year’s Bulawan Awards, the ANP’s product design competition, will be featuring products from bamboo, coffee and moringa (malunggay).

fab finds from this trade fair which showcases the best in Negros

A delightful selection of food products which the Negros province has been well-known for

This what the fair offered:

Housewares which is a treasure trove of gift ideas and home favorites…The tradition of pasalubong or travel gift treats and the positive energy a beautiful home generates. Discover a wide array of exceptional products from laminated native frames, jewelry boxes, decorative trays, bowls, dinner wares to some of the best hand-painted ceramic decor, gift items and a host of other skillfully crafted pieces.

Some of the displays at the Trade Fair

Furniture & Furnishings which are pieces of nature, crafted by style…A good selection of ingenious, creative products that are reflections of the local culture. Discover an array of beautifully crafted pieces designed to satisfy both the eye and the need for practicality and comfort. Support the human body in style, trust dependable functionality paired with decorative art.

Fashion which is a Negrense brand of taste at it’s finest. This is your dresser industry… colorful, fashionable, interesting and unique fashion pieces come in ceramic, wood, gems and stones, pearls and other attractive and distinctive materials. Garb up with style in hand-knits, classic smocking, hand-embroidery, and cool printed t-shirts. The creative native bag industry is one of the forefronts in the export industry. The shoe-making technology is also a developing industry that is likely to take off in the export market.

Let us not forget about the food which is a sustainable source that enervates a vibrant food industry, it carries one the most varied lines of locally produced food items as well as an extensive fresh line of creatively concocted appetizing treats. The Negrense sweet kalalaw has come a long way in providing the local and national markets with delights of the palate. It has matured in its love story with its pots and ovens. It has arrayed itself with attractive wrappings and is rightly proud of its marketable shelf life.

We also met with Mr.Rodney Martinez’  and it was amazing. His works of mostly women with round curves and serene faces in surreal chalk pastel landscapes are often very much sought after by many art collectors.


Learn more about the Association of Negros Producers here.

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