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I’ve recently learned of this foundation from Jewelmer. It’s amazing because I think the whole country should adopt what they are doing. The Save Palawan Seas Foundation (SPSF) aims to create workable livelihood alternatives for coastal communities, which are economically rewarding and environmentally sustainable. I’ve read that have projects such as seaweed farming, organic vegetable farming, marine and agriculture research center. I think what they’re doing is really great and I just wanted to mention here in this forum that these types of foundations do exist and we have to our whatever we can to preserve our livelihood and environment.

SAVE PALAWAN SEAS FOUNDATION (SPSF), and JEWELMER hosted an environmental symposium titled “Scientific Discovery and the Urgent Need for Conservation at the Philippine Epicenter of Marine Biodiversity” with Keynote Speaker, the eminent Dr. Kent E. Carpenter. The event was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

Dr Kent Carpenter


Members of the press, environmentalists, academe, government agencies, and students attended the event with the assistance of advertisements published in media sponsors Manila Bulletin and Business Mirror. Booths by the SAVE PALWAN SEAS FOUNDATION (SPSF) and were set up in the reception area for guests to visit while sipping wine provided by wine sponsor Le Cellier. An exhibition that featured breathtaking photographs of marine wildlife by the Network of Underwater Digital Imagers (NUDI) gave attendees a glimpse of what is worth protecting. All this set the stage for an informative and timely discussion. The symposium was hosted by environmental advocate, freelance writer, and blogger Anna Oposa, who introduced the speakers. The program began with a speech by co-founder of SPSF and Jewelmer Mr. Jacques Branellec followed by guest speaker Dr. Thelma Mundita S. Lim, Director, Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the DENR. Mr. Manuel Cojuangco, co-founder of SPSF and president of Jewelmer then introduced keynote speaker Dr. Kent E. Carpenter.

In “Scientific Discovery and the Urgent Need for Conservation at the Philippine Epicenter of Marine Biodiversity” Dr. Carpenter explores the Philippines as a unique epicenter of marine biodiversity and also as the origin of marine biodiversity, and thus warrants a renewed effort for conservation.

Multiple studies confirm that the Philippines have more species per unit area than any other region on earth.  The scientific explanation for this concentration of marine biodiversity is complex and reflects the unique geological and oceanographic features of the Philippines.  Genetic studies of a variety of marine organisms over the past few years reveal the globally unique nature of the Philippine marine realm.  Populations of marine species are isolated from one another around the Philippines demonstrating that the raw material for evolution is present in this region in unusually close proximity.  This supports a major reason for the Philippine epicenter of marine biodiversity: that it is a center of origin or, a place where species evolve.  Therefore the Philippines are not only unique as an epicenter of marine biodiversity, but are also an origin of marine biodiversity and as such, warrant renewed effort for conservation.  This is particularly urgent in face of the unprecedented concentration of threats to marine biodiversity in the Philippines.  Overexploitation of resources has already resulted in local loss of biodiversity.  This trend must be reversed if the Philippines are to preserve their unique global heritage as both the Center of the Center of marine biodiversity and a center of origin of species.

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