Arya Residences Cut Energy Use by 14% for Earth Hour

Driven by the common goal of attaining ecological sustainability, green developer ArthaLand recently partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines).The project, Arya Residences, being a LEED registered (aiming for a Gold certification) development, has in place various measures and facilities to allow its households to save as much as 14% in energy consumption and as much as 40% in potable water usage. With proper maintenance and the conscientious use of these resources, these savings may be enjoyed for over a year.

“Going green makes perfect business sense, since energy and water-efficiency *always* translates into savings. Though redesigning current systems and practices takes time, the resources saved will be good not only for residents – but in minimizing our contribution to global emissions to retard climate change,” says ArthaLand VP for Projects and Business Development Kate A. Ilagan.*

**“Sustainability is in the core philosophy of the company, not just a by the way,” adds ArthaLand President and CEO Angie de Villa-Lacson.

The pledge is part of Earth Hour’s ‘60+ Program’ – a year-long campaign to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy usage and climate adaptation strategies for individuals, groups and corporations. The campaign in turn, was crafted to ensure that the energy-saving message of Earth Hour translates into actions which last for more than 60 minutes.

Corporations can become* 60+ Program Champions* by pledging to reduce their energy and resource consumption by at least 10% via promoting energy-efficient practices and equipment. Current program champions include the Yuchengco Group of Companies, Coca-Cola under its *Live Positively*platform, Honda Cars Philippines and McDonald’s. Already,more corporations
are ready to join in with their own commitments.

“Though now the world’s most popular annual environmental movement, Earth Hour is but 60 minutes long. If we really want lasting and effective results, then we must inculcate its message – which is to reduce our consumption of power, water and other critical resources – into our lives.

ArthaLand’s decision to step up to the climate challenge shows that the private sector is more than willing and more than capable of fighting climate change. It’s a natural choice,” concludes WWF-Philippines Climate Change Director and ‘60+ Project’ Head Atty. Gia Ibay.

Corporations interested in committing to the ‘60+ Program’ can contact either Kim Ang or Pat Co at

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